you mean i have to come up with a title as well?

Stupid o'clock hurt just as much today, but it was nonetheless a smidge easier. It is just possible I might be settling into a routine. Huzzah! (About time!) Of course, my new routine means I'm yawning from about midday onward, and I'm crawling into bed at ludicrous o'clock in the evening, when everyone else is just about starting to wind down and thinking about phoning me to catch up. So there are some issues. But the getting of words always comes with issues of one kind or another.

In non-writing news, I'm not sure if it's just the learning, to which I've always been partial, or the pedantry, to which I've always had a predilection, but the new dayjob… is interesting. šŸ˜Æ (And huzzah!)

Right, back to the getting of words.

2 thoughts on “you mean i have to come up with a title as well?

  1. Glad you're enjoying it more than the baby mines!

    Also, you seem to be liking 'p' words right now šŸ™‚

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