I lasted all of three days in the first week before I let it slip to a couple of my new workmates that I write books. There was a lively discussion about it at the time, but we've all been too busy in the meantime to think much on it again. Today, to mark the end of our first official week on the job, there was Friday afternoon drinks. (Let it be known that I highly approve of Friday afternoon drinks.) And I think it's fair to say that those who didn't previously know about my writing career … now do.

Understandably, it caused a little amazement among my colleagues, and resulted in much discussion of the mechanics of writing in general, and writing around a full-time job in particular, and my favourite authors.1 So, for all of my new work colleagues that google me over the weekend: Hello and welcome 😉

  1. For those who wonder and haven't had a chance to ask me in person: I tend to prefer books, rather than authors, per se. I do maintain a list of books I keep re-reading on my biography page, and my goodreads page lists what I'm currently reading at any given time. []