living in a hotel would be kinda cool

Dear Melbourne:

Just stop it. Seriously. I am moving here, in fact I've now officially arrived, so you can stop all the attempts to tear yourself off the face of the earth in order to avoid me, and just settle down already. I realise that my bad luck field might make you anxious, but we're just going to have to learn to live with each other. Now behave, or you won't get to meet Spawn.

No thanks

It occurred to me, somewhere on the Hume Highway, that I should really be taking photos of my drive south, so that you could all live vicariously through me. Then it occurred to me that my photography skills probably weren't up to making a hundred photos of various sun-scorched (and sometimes fire-blackened) hills and plains remarkable enough to be worthwhile. Plus, you know, I was driving.

While I've been busy reshuffling the dayjob aspects of my life, the internet has been busy publicising my book, which is very gracious of you all. A quick round-up:

I'm the featured writer this month at Allen & Unwin's "Writers on Writing", where I talk a little bit about writing, and the writing of Shadow Queen in particular.

Recently, Gary Kemble interviewed me about the writing of second novels. As I understand it, the interview is available free to members of the Queensland Writers Centre. Once the QWC have archived their copy of the interview, I'll look into posting my portion of it online for the rest of you (provided I remember).

Jeff Vandermeer graciously featured Shadow Queen over at Omnivoracious — here's hoping his instinct proves true.

And finally, Trudi Canavan unknowingly advertises my book on her blog — see something familiar in that first picture? Thanks to Dymocks @ Tuggeranong for putting my book right next to hers 😉

Also, in hunting down the links for the above round-up (because I am forgetful and did not write them down properly) I realised that a google search of my name now results in over 5 pages of…me. (It could well be more, but that's when I stopped scrolling and started narrowing the search terms, something I've never had to do before.)

That's … kinda staggering.

12 thoughts on “living in a hotel would be kinda cool

  1. I found Shadow Queen in my local Borders and put it cover forward. It was in the "Hidden Treasures" section. If I get the photo off my phone, I'll try to upload it somewhere to show you.
    Where did you end up picking? I lost a couple of internet weeks what with everything going on here, bushfire and personal :{

  2. Ha, thank you! Ninja book points for you!

    At the moment I'm in a hotel in Richmond, while I sort out more permanent accommodation.

  3. Ha ha – awesome! And as an added bonus, we now know what Trudi Canavan looks like.

    Also looking forward to you thoughtfully gathering and then passing on all that precious information about moving to Melbourne. We'll be needing it around February, we still hope.

      1. Probably one, then the other – it'll take some time to figure out where we want to buy and get set up.

  4. Angela Slatter just sent the QWC magazine to the 09 Clarionites, and so I got to read your thoughts on second novels. Much fun to look and think: 'Oh look! It's Deb!'
    Now I'm back home, I think I'll hie myself to the book-shops and see where Tassie book-stores have 'The Shadow Queen'…

  5. Hi Deborah,

    *potentially dumb question coming up* – I notice Shadow Queen doesn't come up on Amazon yet – is that because it's yet to be published in the US?

    1. Hi Peter,

      Not a dumb question at all. You guessed the answer: it doesn't show up on because it's not been published in the US as yet. Interestinyly, it does show up on, because, although I don't have a UK publishing deal either, Australia is traditionally a submarket of the UK, so it's on their site as an Australian import.

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