junkie ahoy

Did you know, Internets, there are people who can go longer than 24 hours without checking their email WITHOUT DEVELOPING A TWITCH? I am not one of those people.

As you might have guessed from the silence round these parts, I have officially started the new dayjob. This means I'm in Canberra for a week's training, and am without internet access. Boo hiss! Today, I finally cracked under the pressure and bought myself a mobile broadband USB modem. This is good: this means I do not have to live entirely without internet and email. This is very good.

The training is… interesting. Today involved teamwork and communication exercises. Always a favourite of mine, she says with tongue firmly in cheek. It's hard to pick a highlight. Possibly it was the exercise where we had to partner up, sit knee-to-knee, leaning forward, and take turns telling a story. I can't pinpoint which was more horrid: being the listener, not being allowed to interject and help the dying conversation; or perhaps it was being the talker, being stared at intently without surcease.

Starting a new dayjob has meant the return of the 5am wakeup call, so that I can get some words on the current manuscript before work. Ugh. Did I mention I hate the 5am wakeup call? It's better than getting no words on the manuscript when I come home from work and then consuming myself with guilt, though. It does mean I get weary round about…er, now.

2 thoughts on “junkie ahoy

  1. I am one of those people> I LOVE me my PCS modem! Connectivity: I haz it.

  2. Normally, I can cope with not having direct access – there are internet cafes and suchlike, after all. But this week, with no time to get to a net cafe, and no net access at work…*shudders*

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