in brief

Objective: Drive. Until the battery is sufficiently charged.

Secondary Objective: Stickybeak around a few suburbs, to see if there's any I fall in love with.

Method: Me. Behind the wheel. Sharing the road with trams. At speed. (Praying I don't stall because there's no way this sucker is restarting short of a jumpstart at this point.)

Outcome: Thoroughly lost? ACHIEVED.

Dear Melbourne: Not big on informative road signs that can be seen at any speed faster than perambulatory, huh? No thanks, Me.

Also, let it be known that mothers are made of win. Mothers who insist you EAT THAT SCHNITZEL AND CHASE IT DOWN WITH GELATO NOW transcend even that.

4 thoughts on “in brief

        1. Last time I visited Adelaide, I spotted half a dozen funeral parlours within the first 5km of the airport. Not a good sign, in general! I also made the mistake of grocery shopping on pension payout day. SO not my best idea. Pensioners shop in a most disorderly fashion – like a gazillion greying butterflies struck by a new impulse every minute or so.

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