help clarion help clarion south

Clarion South hit a run of financial challenges during the last workshop. While the ever-resourceful convenors met these challenges with aplomb, it's left Clarion South hurting for money. They're asking for help to refill the coffers and put Clarion South back on a stable financial footing.

The Clarion workshops are an invaluable part of the international writing scene, offering students an incredible experience: the chance to retreat from the world and concentrate only on writing, learning more about writing, meet and learn from industry professionals, and forge a network of friends in the industry. As the only Clarion-style workshop in the southern hemisphere, Clarion South is of particular importance to those of us south of the border.

Now Eileen Gunn, writing on behalf of Clarion West, has stepped up:

We're issuing a challenge to grads and supporters of the US workshops, Clarion and Clarion West. For every dollar a C/CW grad or supporter sends to Clarion South, we'll send a dollar too, up to a total of US$500.

Here's how it works: go to and make a donation. Then send an email to, telling them how much you sent and that it's for the Clarion West challenge. That's all. They'll check the info and pass it on to us, and we'll send them money.

Donate to Clarion South!