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I dragged myself awake at stupid o'clock this morning, to get some writing in before the dayjob. I'm sure everyone knows how hard it is to wake up while it's still dark, but let me tell you, it's much harder when you wear contact lenses. They make blinking hurt. Blinking should never hurt.

Today marked the first day of real training at the dayjob; prior to this it's been introductory stuff. Today we tried to wrap our head around the first subsection of the first subsection of the pertinent section of the Patents Act. … I think I broke a synapse. Or, in fact, all of them.

So I shall take this opportunity to mention something I forgot to in my last post: I'll be in Sydney on Sunday 5 April for the Contemporary Fiction Festival. I'll be on the Fantasy panel at 1.30pm, for those who are interested in hearing me blather on about the genre, and whatever else takes my fancy at the time.

My editor at Allen & Unwin, Louise Thurtell, will also be appearing on a panel later in the afternoon, so if you're interested in hearing from a publishing professional who knows her stuff (and how), I'd definitely recommend making time to stop by that one.

8 thoughts on “fiction festival

    1. Actually, I don't think I have ever really talked about it in any detail on the blog – part of my divided brain lifestyle. In short, my new job is examining patents. Or it will be, when I am trained.

      1. Ah right – you're working for IP Australia?

        Here's hoping you can single-handedly raise the standards for patent innovativeness thresholds in Australian patent registrations!

        Also, say hi to my bogus patents for me!

  1. so when engineering PhD patrons ask mindboggling patent questions at the library, I should ask you?
    *ducks and hides*

    1. LOL, yes, of course, that way we can be boggled together! Actually, one of my colleagues worked as a patent attorney for years. He is coming in very useful for knowing stuff 😉

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