adventures in relocation, part the whatever

I cannot tell you how much I love today's xkcd.

Today, I ventured onto Melbourne's public transport system all by myself, and successfully navigated my way to ambush Tess in her natural habitat. Inconveniently, I forgot to actually determine precisely where her natural habitat was in relation to the closest train station, but luckily she rescued me, and fed me chicken, so all is right with the world.

She also handed over the box containing my signing sheets for Postscripts #18. I'd been wondering where they got to, but now the mystery is solved: they came to me via NZ. Given they came from the UK, this either means they went the very long way around, or overshot me and had to backtrack. Disturbingly, someone else's customs declaration has been stuck over the original customs declaration, and the new declaration states underwear. You know, I know the box doesn't contain underwear, and yet…I still don't wanna open it…

3 thoughts on “adventures in relocation, part the whatever

    1. I opened it. There was no underwear. (I cannot find it in my heart to be anything but relieved by this development.) (This story lacks a narratively-satisfying ending.)

  1. You are a brave new-Melbournite. My suburb is inconvenient for public transport, so I am car-obsessed. On the rare occasion where I have to take a train, I managed to miss changes of train stations and ended up in the wrong suburb. :/ And I've lived here all my life.

    hooray for the Sir Tessa and her rescuing of lost Damsel-flies.

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