wrangling code

Apologies for the silence. I swear, every time I think I'll take a day off from blogging, life intervenes and makes it impossible to blog for the next five days. Inertia, it doesn't just apply to trains.

To cut the onerous story short: my webhost shut my site down, due to high server load. This didn't actually bother me so much: it was spelled out clearly in the terms of service, and consideration of server load is the price I pay for shared web hosting. What did bother me was my webhost's neglecting to inform me they'd shut the site down and, when they restored access to it, telling me I could not install any plugins on my WordPress install, ever again, on pain of further shutdowns or termination of my account.

So I've spent today moving to a new webhost, which is a tedious and time-consuming affair. I took the opportunity to give the site a spring-clean, although all you all out in the big wide web shouldn't notice too many differences.

» I've scrapped the old News page, and created a News category. This means I don't have to remember to update two sections of the site, and as a !bonus it means the news feed is now much more likely to be more chatty than previously. If you were previously subscribed to the news-only feed, and don't want to trawl through the blog's inanities, fear not: the News Feed is what you want.

» I have (finally!) gotten around to rescuing all the blog posts that were lost in the upgrade what made me crash my database. Because there was a change in permalink structure and blog structure after that upgrade, the internal links in any post labelled as pre-crash are not to be trusted. I will one day look into fixing them, but it will be in fits and spurts.

If you're reading this post, either directly at the site or through a reader, then congratulations! You've find the brand new webhost and all silences should now be my fault, not that of the DNS propagation.

More soon, when I'm less sick of the web.

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  1. Kat, apologies for not responding sooner (the webhost switch is probably wreaking havoc on comment notification delivery), but I will now say…er, what?

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