9 thoughts on “and i don't trust who i've been

  1. Hi Deb, I haven't posted here before but I've been following your blog since reading (and really enjoying) Shadow Queen. Hope you're going OK with your move – put simply, moving sux. Look forward to your next post when you're settled!

  2. Hi Peter, thanks for stopping by, and for your comment! It is always nice to hear when someone enjoyed one of my stories 😉

    The move is going, ugh, as well as moves normally go, I should imagine. The removalist is due in a couple of days, my place looks like a bomb exploded, and I still don't have anywhere to live. Adventures!

    I promise to try and post much more as soon as the dust settles 😉

    1. Well wouldya look at that? Face out and all!

      Thanks for the piccie. Sometimes, as part of the natural tendency to disbelieve I've actually been published, I start to think it's only the bookstores around my place that stock it 😉

  3. Nope – I can testify I saw it this very lunchtime here in Adelaide – Borders have it in a very nice possie too.

    1. Adelaide? Both my parents are originally from Adelaide. Love the place! Plus, my aunt tells me the Adelaide airport has copies of the book, too, and every author likes to hear that her books are in the airport 😉

      1. It is a nice place, quiet, but a bit dryer now than it used to be (like a lot of places these days). Apparently a disproportionate number of fantasy authors come from Adelaide – though I can only think of two off the top of my head (did you grow up here? that would make it three). I'll check out the airport bookshop next time I'm there – it's not a huge selection from memory so you must have REALLY made it 🙂

        1. No, I grew up in Canberra (public servant's daughter, me), but spent at least part of every summer in Adelaide with the grandparents. Got to know the zoo pretty well! Although it has skewed my view of Adelaide as being entirely populated by the elderly. Luckily I now have some non-elderly friends who live there, which is helping correct my misperception 😉

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