i sometimes think too much but say nothing at all

I am a happy little writer today because look what Tess sent me:

a certain author's book on display
a certain author's book on display

Not only is the book face-out, at eye-level, on an end-piece…but that's some damn awesome company she's1 in there.

Now, if you'll excuse me, the incomparably boppy "Eye of the Tiger" has just flipped into rotation, and I am to…well, write. But to boppy music. Oh yes! We live on the edge, the cat and bamboo and I.

  1. I use she, because I can't quite bring myself to say 'I'm' — it's my book in awesome company. I, you see, am ensconced in my usual habitat, with a cat and some badly-neglected lucky bamboo, wondering if I can make it to the kitchen to brew another pot of tea, or whether I really am just too lazy comfy here. Not much in the way of awesome company round these parts. Sorry, cat. Sorry, bamboo. []

3 thoughts on “i sometimes think too much but say nothing at all

  1. Believe me, so am I! My agent is working on it, I promise promise. Of course, the beauty about books is they're not region-encoded like dvds, so it's easy to buy over the 'net direct from the Australian publisher or bookstores… 😉 Equally of course, books in Aus cost much more than they do in the States (which may be due to taxes…? Not sure, to be honest.)

  2. I'd think the cost difference is likely also about the economy of scale.

    I didn't know there was a new Gregory MacGuire Oz book 🙂 We really enjoyed the first two, and the musical version of Wicked too.

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