and tomorrow is supposed to be 38

Back to the gym today, which has been closed over Christmas for "improvements", which sadly did not include air conditioning. Fifteen minutes into the workout and my legs turned into nerveless tree trunks, and my face is shining like an overripe tomato. Seriously, if it hadn't been hot enough to fry an egg in the air, you could have cooked off my forehead.

Luckily, just as I was thinking the clock had started ticking backwards and wondering whether that meant I wasn't faking it, I really was about to faint, my friend turned to me and said, with slightly crossing eyes, "I think I'm going to faint."

She promptly staggered off to the corner, which gave me the perfect opportunity to stop working out as well.

Lesson the first: Drink plenty of water before exercising. And join a gym that has air conditioning.

Also, the gym staff give you really strange, speculative looks when you walk out of a studio an hour after the last class ended.

5 thoughts on “and tomorrow is supposed to be 38

  1. Our gym did the exact same thing – new! improved! (except for the air conditioning.) And yes, "upgraded" just in time for the full stink of summer. Is it part of the upgrading guidelines to kill your patrons with heat exhaustion?
    Do not want!

  2. Exactly. On the one hand, I really don't like unnecessary air conditioning (I've worked in offices where I had to wear long sleeves and a cardigan in the height of summer), but for great big studios where a crowd of people start leaping about…ceiling fans are not going to cut it. It's not like we were exercising in the middle of the day, either – this was 9am. Today was worse. I really hope tomorrow is cooler!

  3. Gym Policy
    1.2 Customers who die of heat exhaustion are not entitled to a refund of their subscription fees under any circumstances. Seriously, we're keeping it.

    I was reading a friend's blog today, where he was complaining that he joined a new gym in Barcelona, paid several months in advance, and a week later the gym closed for good, with no refund for him.

    In further news, my copy of Shadow Queen arrived today! It's perfect timing, because I just finished reading all the Earthsea books (again, god I love them) and had my hand open and ready to grasp new reading material! Thank you, I'll be reading it tonight!

  4. LOL – yes, that sounds about right. I guess I should be glad my gym isn't like that one in Barcelona – bastards. And I'm so glad it arrived – the postal system has never let me down, as such, and yet I still view it as a kind of black magic.

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