also, movie tickets cost too much

There's a new Doctor in town, LiveJournal is facing some kind of apocalypse, a hesitant missionary knocked on my door last night to tell me about God but actually excused himself for interrupting my dinner and departed without my needing to shoo him away (and I wasn't even wearing my scary face!), I've been spending far too much of my time tracking down freeware for Mac OS X as part of the switch, and my part of Australia seems to be melting.

I think that about sums it up.

Oh, yes, and I've been reading through Tessa's 7 Wishes stories. Have you read them? I don't know that anyone who reads my blog doesn't already read Tess's, but on the off-chance you missed these wondrous little tales, do yourself a favour. Bookmark that table of contents, and hie thee hence when you're feeling in the need of some whimsy. It's like reading T.S. Eliot, if Eliot were the kind of writer who found the wonder in the world instead of the despair.

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  1. Kat – freeware for the Mac is a vanishingly rare breed, it seems, and what little I find has often turned from freeware into shareware (which on the PC usually means "pay me something small if you'd like" but on the Mac usually means "pay me something small or don't use the software"). I've been keeping an eye on freemacware and lifehacker. So far I've settled on Adium for chatting, Audacity for audio file editing, uTorrent, TextWrangler… h'm. That's it for now. I think you use LightRoom, but Google's Picasa have just released a Mac version, which might interest you.

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