wait, what? i can't keep up with you

My chronic inability to make a swift (or any) decision continues apace, so no MacBook yet. Tune in tomorrow for more procrastination!

Today I posted the first couple of books for the competition winners, and the post office staff were very excited to realise they knew someone who had written a book. They were much LESS excited to realise I had secured a proper publishing deal and the books would be available in regular book stores. Apparently self-publishing, according to my local post office staff, is much, much harder and shows true grit and artistic dedication.

Also, and this is truly momentous news, today marks the start of the last week at the baby mines. Three shifts to go, people!

6 thoughts on “wait, what? i can't keep up with you

  1. Yes! Shenanigans! Because we are also shutting down the baby mines for Christmas, so last egg collection today and last fresh transfer by Monday… w00t! There shall be no paperwork for all!

  2. I say go buy the Macbook already, if you're happy with the price – they're nice computers.

  3. Yah, the price is part of the problem. And unfortunately, the switch to a different platform and all it entails makes the price that much higher. Still, I am much much closer to actual purchase, as I have spent today organising great big macbook-sized holes on my credit cards… 😉

  4. Hiya Debs – So happy to see your book has made it to the shelves!

    Sorry to post this here, but I have all new phone numbers and emails now and have lost all your contact details. Add me to your mailing list, email address is [redacted to protect your inbox!]

    I can't wait to get a copy of your book – let me know when I can drop around to your place to get it signed =)

    PS Get a Mac!

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