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There's a possibility I might emerge, if not unscathed, at least relatively intact, from the operating-system-switch.

Excel proved very traumatic, as the Mac version tries valiantly but in vain to open the files I created in Windows. I use Excel all the time to track manuscript changes, revisions, word/page counts per scene, character placement and action per scene. In other words, Excel is the brain that is capable of holding the whole novel in one place, unlike my actual brain.

Thank the powers that be for GoogleDocs, which I think I can use to strip all the Windows-only functions from my spreadsheets. The Mac seems to cope with GoogleDoc exported spreadsheets just dandy.

I also found a lot of the files I thought I lost (although not in time to save my iTunes ratings and playcounts; thankfully I found an Applescript which recovered probably 80% of them).

And now that I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, I think I like my MacBook. Leopard is a very nice, distinctly unflappable operating system. And I promise I shall attempt not to bore you all any more with details of the switch.

In proper writing news, after a last visit to the post office all the competition prize books have been posted. Domestic winners should receive them within a week; international within…actually, I forgot to ask. Let's say a fortnight to be safe. If your book doesn't arrive, please to be letting me know!

5 thoughts on “spawn has a kiwi accent

  1. How big is your harddrive? I considered, for half a moment, shipping my iTunes library across as well, but then just didn't want to deal with the headache. Am also very attached to playcounts.

  2. @Tessa: Nemesis has a 320gb drive (glad I leveled up; os x is a hog), and I have just shy of 11,000 songs on iTunes. I had to move them as they were the main resource hog on poor defunct Nike.

    @Ben: So far, I really like it. What's frustrating me at this very moment is a complete lack of backup utilities (I don't want to use TimeMachine (yet) as it can't write to an NTFS drive and I don't want to reformat said NTFS drive or risk losing what's already on it – really I'm probably just being stubborn, but…) The other thing to be aware of is that in Windows, there's an application (or twenty) that will do precisely what you want it to do, and most of those are free. In the Mac world, this is not so. On the other hand, the software in the Mac world does appear to be MUCH more reasonably priced.

  3. Phwwwwwoar. Luverly.
    I was originally getting 100gb, but due to a snafu only got 80gb, and…yeah, there isn't a lot of room to play there. At all. I'll go huge and ridiculous on my next.

  4. Yah, huge and ridiculous is always the way to go. I also levelled up the RAM to 4gb, because extra memory never goes astray either. The OS and files have already chewed uo over 100gb of that hard drive – hog! space hog!

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