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It's time for that always fun not-quite-a-meme, analysing the search terms that brought people to the site.

STOP 0x0000007e (or some variant thereof)

Ah, the dreaded blue screen of death. Sorry, people, I can't help you on this one, other than to say I share your pain. This is the BSoD error I'm getting lately, but I haven't figured out the source yet. Initially I suspected iTunes, since it started happening shortly after the installation of iTunes 8, but a rollback to iTunes 7 hasn't fixed the problem. The Microsoft website tells me it has something to do with an unhandled thread, and the second parameter should tell me everything. (It doesn't. YMMV.)

i scoff at myself

Welcome to my world. I do this regularly. I do not actually advise this practice too often, however; it can quickly spiral out of all control. Apparently I'm not as funny as I think.


How this got you to my website, I truly don't know. I don't even know what chippolatas are. Who talked about chippolatas on my blog?

parts of a damselfly

You won't find many scientific descriptions of damselfly anatomy round these parts, I'm sorry. I'd suggest a more specific search term, actually: <em>damselfly anatomy</em> might get you what you want.

marxist superhero

Oh yes, that's me. Truly. (Okay, tongue firmly in cheek, yes. Still.)

what is spider season in australia?

Ha! The answer to this, my friends, is ALL YEAR LONG. Doesn't matter what time of year, there's a spider in Australia that's active, and dangerous. That's the way we roll round these parts.

The slightly more complicated answer is that in mating season, some spiders become a little more nomadic, and thus a lot more common — funnel webs in particular, which I'm guessing is what led you here. White tails aren't common where I am, but they're another one to keep an eye on, although there are rumours that it's not actually the white tail causing all those necrotic wounds, it just happens to be blamed for them. Don't know. The trick is not to get bitten at all.

The even more complicated answer is that that enormous spider in your house which looks like it could chew your leg off while you're asleep is only a huntsman and really isn't interested in you so much as a nice, dry place out of the rain. It's the teeny ones you need to worry about. And the funnel webs.

how to add up hours

No idea how this got you here, but it's something the girls at work have an awful lot of trouble with. I'm guessing it's something to do with the mental jag between operating in base-six instead of base-ten.

novels set in bhutan

There's not so many of these, at least not that I know of. There's "A Stray Dog", a story about a stray dog in Bhutan from the dog's point of view, and there's "A Baby In A Backpack To Bhutan".

There's also a movie, called "Travellers & Magicians", which is not only set in Bhutan but is made by the Bhutanese — I can highly recommend that.

9 thoughts on “search terms

  1. I'm sorry, but any spider that's called huntsman – it HUNTS MAN!!!! – should be feared and avoided. And possibly worshiped. 😛

  2. This is officially a Very Good Point. They are awfully scary to look at; despite their placid nature, I've never been totally sanguine about having them in the house, I must admit!

  3. But wolf spiders look like huntsmen and they are not harmless. Rrrrar.

    Also, chippolata = lil' sausage. Not a cocktail frankfurt, different sausage.

  4. What is your strange and irrational fear of snausages? Snausages, especially chippolatas, are little squishy pieces of heaven. Mmmm

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