I am typing this post on a brand new, shiny MacBook.

I won't trouble you all with a photo (mainly because, um, I haven't dug the camera cord out of the old PC yet), but suffice to say, oh, my, she is pretty. So very, very pretty.

A long time ago, when my brother first set up the home network, he had a theme of Greek Gods for naming the computers. I've always gone with a sub-theme of Greek Goddesses. The old desktop (may she rest in peace (actually, may my brother be able to resurrect her, because despite all that backing up there's still some files missing (moral: you are never as backed up as you think you are)))1 was called Nike. The Dell laptop is Nyx.

In honour of the operating system wars, the new MacBook shall henceforth be named Nemesis.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a whole new operating system to learn. And keyboard shortcuts. I am slowly but surely conquering the Command/Control muscle memory, but so far I totally fail at navigating the application menu by keyboard. Where oh where is my Windows-Alt functionality?

  1. bet you never thought i'd escape out of all those clauses intact, eh? []

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  1. Heh. My naming scheme is always Tolkien place names. The current computer is Menegroth. When I was dual-booting, the Windows side was always Mordor.

    I really wasn't destined to stay with Windows. 🙂

    Congrats on the new shiny!

  2. 2. Did too!

    I have a naming scheme for my computers too! This laptop is 'shiny'. The loungeroom PC is 'mediacenter'. My old laptop was 'lepton', and at the time the house server was 'oven'. Jaime's laptop is 'pony'.

    Can you spot the pattern?

  3. Nemesis is not black, Nemesis is anodized aluminum, with a backlit (violet) keyboard. She's, in a word, dazzling.

    Except she is now attempting to do some kind of software update, and she's been stuck at the same percentage level for about five whole minutes, and NOW I'M GETTING NERVOUS THAT I'VE BROKEN MY MACBOOK. Ahem.

    Jan, your pattern defeats me. I was coping with it right up until pony. Pony?

  4. Just leave it, I reckon. It's probably just stuck downloading something. Thus far, I've found the macbook hard to break – they seem to have caught the corner cases and figured out ways to make it always restart or revert cleanly.

    Also, DAMN – I was hoping you'd find a pattern, so I could just figure out what to name machines quickly, instead of spending 10 seconds each time picking a random name out of the swirling whimsy.

  5. Google is my friend – turns out that it is a bug in 10.5.5 that the update to 10.5.6 should fix…if only will update, which it won't. May have to attempt a manual update, to make sure the download is not a partial file (which apparently is most of the problem) (damn my shoddy internet connection anyway!). Had to force a reboot, but no damage.

    heh. themes. you need themes. i do so like gregory's theme – you could have lothlorien and all those pretty elvish names. or hobbit machines! yes – hobbit machines! the brandywine, and the proudfootsfeet!

  6. alt != option, or at least not in the functionality I was looking for. As far as I can see, Macs don't use the Alt+Menu letter functionality that PCs do. Macs have individual shortcuts in their place, but not every menu item has a shortcut key, whereas the Alt+Menu letter gets around that (and also means I don't have to remember 700+ keyboard shortcuts, can just look for the handy underline). Ah well, most of the menu items I need have a shortcut, and I've mapped a few that didn't. So far, Nemesis and I are getting along just dandy.

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