i hate rivers commercials

Today marked my last shift at the baby mines. Although I am still officially employed until after Christmas, it's annual leave between now and then, and I have now Left The Building.

So it seems a pretty good time to indulge in that end-of-year first-sentence-of-the-month meme.

January: Ah, summer…!

February: While in Melbourne, I caught up with Andy, who claims he owns the most annoying cat in the world.

March: Right. Hi there. This is me, marginally returned from the brink of lunacy.

April: The last of my travel documents arrived today, making it all official: I'm going to Bhutan.

May: "What kind of books?" the receptionist asks.

June: Publicity photos taken (and because I didn't get a chance to clean the make-up off pre-surgery, I found mascara in my ear this morning), and home from the surgery, which thankfully I slept through (the upside to being sensitive to drugs is that a dose which should make you drowsy in fact puts you straight to sleep), with half my face bandaged like some kind of new-made zombie.

July: Today I saw the following sign at the train station: "Try the new 14 Day RailPass. It's like the 7 Day RailPass, but lasts twice as long."

August: Me, reading aloud the name of the cracked.com article: The five greatest things ever accomplished while high…

September: I'm currently reading H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, and it's quite unsettling.

October: Google Alerts had a lovely surprise for me this morning: Infinitas is listing my novel as available for pre-order!

November: Sometimes I think my metaphors require more research than the rest of my novels' worldbuilding put together.

December: What is it about cafes?

It's clear to me I shall have to work much, much harder on my opening sentences.

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  1. June is a doozie, but I expect you could have squeezed a few more clauses in there if you'd *really* tried!

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