but wasn't it meant to be a competition?

And the winners are…all of you!

That's right. Because I couldn't face the thought of some of you missing out,1 I went to A&U and said, "Um… could I possibly have more than 2 books for the giveaway?"

And, because I am signed with the absolute best publishers out there, they agreed to let me send a copy of the book to everyone who commented.

So if you put up your hand, email me your mailing address. Let me know if I should be signing the book to someone else or to yourself (or not at all, if you'd prefer an unsigned copy), and I'll get the books out in the mail as soon as I can.

Congratulations! I hope you all enjoy.2

  1. this does not bode well for maintaining a hard-hearted reputation, does it? []
  2. And, um, don't kill me when you realise it's a year until the sequel is published. []

6 thoughts on “but wasn't it meant to be a competition?

  1. Ahahahahaaa! You marshmellow!

    (I understand, though, I went through the same pain with Weird Tales. No one ever tells you how traumatic giving free stuff away is!)

  2. Hee! I'm going to order a copy and make one or more of the Launceston stores get copies into the store if they don't already!!! 😀

  3. Very belatedly, thank you! I love your book and really had trouble not killing you over that wait-for-a-year-to-find-what-happens-next bit. I have now joined the evangelists and am talling my friends "Read it!"

  4. Hi Gillian,

    Am so glad you enjoyed it! And very sorry for that huge wait – when Tess found out, I was distinctly glad that she wasn't in the same city as me at the time!

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