and here i thought slipstreaming was something to do with hoverboards…

There has been a sighting of Shadow Queen in the wild, in fact two separate sightings. One of them, unless I'm confused by the message on my answering machine (always possible), was at an airport newsagent, which was the cause of much amazed muttering of "Airport!" around the house. Much as I would love to provide photographic evidence, I would not love to brave the Christmas crowds surrounding the sighting within reach, so we'll all just have to use our imaginations.

Meanwhile, I am sitting at the desktop, slipstreaming SP3 into my XP installation disk, and backing up all my drivers. Oh yes, people, we're going to attempt to reformat the desktop. I would have preferred to finish the novel revisions first, but the monitor has now started in on a wacky and fun new game of powering down, then trapping itself in a random power-half-up-power-back-down cycle. Kinda hard to revise when you can't actually see what you're revising.

This could get ugly.

If I disappear from the net for the next little while, it's because I couldn't install something correctly, and I'm wailing and gnashing my teeth and generally bothering my IT-superstar brother with panicked phone calls in the middle of the night.

Or because I'm writing the novel.

But let's face it, writing the novel never kept me away from the web before. It's far more likely to be geek failure.

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