a glimpse of banality

As a brief addendum on the when can I buy it? issue, I am reliably informed at least one store is talking about December 19 as the on-shelf date. Make of this information what you will.

I have spent most of the weekend pondering the pc vs mac dilemma, and am no closer to an answer. I suspect I desire a MacBook for three very important reasons: the pretty, the Scrivener, and the avoidance of Vista. But are these enough to make the switch? H'mm… I have researched the word processing options available on the Mac, and am not thrilled with iWork's Pages inability to save in rich text format as a default option. Exporting a file all the time? Bugger that for an idea, if you'll excuse the vernacular.

Anyway. While I'm sure the inner workings of my mind, and my inability to make a snap decision, are of the utmost interest to you all, perhaps I'd best move right along, eh?

Unfortunately for the lot of you, there's very little to move on to, my free time at the moment being entirely consumed by the novel revisions, so I will leave you with an absolute corker of a malapropism I discovered today (but cannot find again now to link to or take a snapshot of) buried in the reviews of apple's time capsule:

It's an ascetically pleasing addition…

7 thoughts on “a glimpse of banality

  1. word processing = microsoft office 2008 for mac. works great, i use .docs all the time.

  2. really? i've never liked microsoft on the mac, it's always run too slow and fussy. still, maybe it's improved since i last looked at it. must have, because you're the second person who's told me they used ms office on their mac.

  3. I think that, now that you have a choice, you should get a PC with nothing higher than Windows XP. The negative reaction to Vista (it stinks, I has it) was so visceral that Microsoft started giving you a choice of operating systems at the retailer. Make it more bug-free by adding a Google Chrome or at least a Firefox browser.

    That being said, I've owned and iBook and it was a sweet machine. However, whenever it needed servicing, I had to take it to the store and they packed it in a box and sent it to California for a minimum of two weeks. With the PC I have warranty service locally: in my case at a chain called Best Buy, who have techs called The Geek Squad. They have serviced my Gateway twice and got it back in three days and four days, respectively.

    So while I like Macs I only want one as a second computer.

  4. Yeah, the servicing/monopoly issue worries me a touch. And being a writer, having two machines is not a luxury but a necessity – I need a fallback at all times.

  5. I think my husband and I are the only two people on the planet who don't hate Vista ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm considering upgrading my laptop, and won't hesitate to have Vista on it.

    Funnily enough, I've been drawn to maybe getting a MacBook, mostly for Scrivener as well. I wish they would make a PC version. Till then, I'll content myself with PageFour, I guess.

  6. Interesting – a pro-Vista perspective! You're not entirely alone, as I think from memory my brother likes Vista (he's a technophile, and likes anything new and shiny as a general rule ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), but methinks you're definitely in the minority.

    Sad, isn't it, that we would consider shelling out $2k+ just for a computer that will run Scrivener! I have heard the closest PC equivalent is Liquid Story Binder XE, but I use Word myself. I quite like Word, if the truth be known (although I have to turn off all those godawful automatic formatting fixes it insists on shipping with). But I would LOVE something that will let me outline the way my brain wants to outline (er, randomly, and without organisation).

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