you know what your decision is, which is not to decide

The problem with drinking while working is that it can quickly turn into just plain drinking, and from there it's a short stumble to "work? what? yes, of course, definitely pour me another."


To keep things language-focussed, I did start a new game of awarding "vocabulary points" to those who used neglected or difficult or otherwise-impressive words, which resulted in our drunken conversation being relatively highbrow. (Although I must admit, toward the end of the night, the words did get harder to pronounce. This is when I started up the corollary game of awarding "enunciation points".) And I made everyone play freerice (which has evolved from being just about vocabulary and is now also about maps, chemical symbols, learning foreign languages, and artwork), so although we were drunken idjits, we were charitable drunken idjits.

At least I managed to get half of my words for the day before becoming totally delinquent, so that should help minimise today's catch-up.

In the meantime, the evolution of vampire moths is unspeakably cool.

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  1. I'm drinking while updating my resume. I expect to see a succinct and professional CV when revisiting it tomorrow morning. Do not ruin my fantasy.

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