watch out, clarion's about

The Voyager Online blog is running a feature on Clarion South at the moment. For those who don't know about Clarion, it's known as boot-camp for speculative fiction writers1. There's East2 and West in the United States, and South in Australia.

Ahead of the January 09 class, Voyager Online has interviewed past tutors and students, and, being a 2005 graduate, I'm one of them. They'll be posting the answers over the next week or so. It's quite an active and interesting blog, so I'd recommend keeping an eye on its entire feed — but if you only want to read the Clarion South posts, you can keep an eye on either the Clarion South Workshop category, or the Clarion South tag. If for some reason you only want to know about my answers3, keep an eye on the Deborah Kalin tag. (Bless those hyper-organised Voyager Online people!)

  1. and boy, they're not kidding []
  2. originally at Michigan State University, now moved to University of California at San Diego []
  3. hi, mum! []

6 thoughts on “watch out, clarion's about

  1. I'm starting to get a nervous tummy just thinking about it all… Thanks for the links, I hadn't looked at Voyager Online before. 🙂

  2. Just wanted to say how amused I was to think of myself as being hyper-organised hehe 🙂 (because I am generally a disorganised slob) And also that I'm enjoying reading your answers and the other Clarionites too – thanks for taking part in this!

  3. Hi Natalie. I guess the fact that I think tagging me individually in a blog post is hyper-organised … probably reveals a little about my own lack of organisation, eh? 😉

    I was glad to take part, was fun!

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