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my predictive library refuses to remember deb

The Alien Onion reports on a new trend wherein "book" evolves into meaning "cool", which I am linking both because I find the evolution of the english language a fascinating process, and because my publishers really do rock.

Lately, my brain appears to be fixating on txtspeak and lolspeak. For example, the dinner discussion last night centred for some time around whether we could discern a kiwi accent in the sender's choice of spelling, or whether we were making it up.1 I've spent a good part of the last week training Spawn in lolspeak.2 Also, I appear to have degenerated entirely in my own standards. A lolspeak habit, I has one.

I wonder if my brain is working on a story about language that I don't know about yet.

  1. I think we were making it up. I was more interested in the way the language was evolving so that this sort of unfixed and flexible spelling was not only accepted, but becoming the norm. []
  2. What? She's young, and adaptable, so it won't scar her (too much), and I think it would be hilarious if she greeted her father with a tilted head and the phrase 'O RLY?' []

5 thoughts on “my predictive library refuses to remember deb

  1. I'd say no, you can't convey natural accent through text, because written language remains the same regardless of how various regions choose to pronounce things. The one exception would be rhymes, where the difference in pronunciation become apparent.

    Accent appears only when the writer is making it damn obvious there's an accent, indicating that the accent is not natural to them. Yes? Yes.

  2. This is being very true, but there is some weight to the argument that when spelling phonetically, as you tend to do in txt, does betray some hints as to the pronunciation, and therefore the accent.

    Tis sketchy, however. Fascinating, but sketchy. It did make the entree portion of the meal somewhat less agonising for those of us who hadn't ordered entrees, at least.

  3. True, but txt speak seems to be universal across the access, at least from what I've observed on the english speaking internet.

    This could have something to do with lolspeak and txtspeak having it off.

    I often wonder if asian written languages have any version of txt speak, as they've already condensed down to pictograms.

  4. I often wonder if asian written languages have any version of txt speak, as they've already condensed down to pictograms.

    More fascinations for my brain! It will asplode!

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