exercise. i suck at it.

Some time in the last week? fortnight? what comes before that? I, having clearly lost my mind decided that I had some free time to spare, joined the gym.

It was necessary, because my plan of walking to work has lately hit a snag; namely, the weather. When it's not bucketing down (which is infrequent), it's so hot, even at 7 in the morning, that I was arriving to work looking as if it had bucketed down anyway. Being a member of the gym is taking more of my time (and money, and petrol) than walking to work.

And I have never been so tired in all my life.

I'm only running round like a discombobulated turkey, and hefting some piddly weights every now and then. It shouldn't be this hard. Truly.

On which note, it's time to go back to the gym, off to demonstrate just how humiliating it can be to attempt to clap and march forward three steps at the same time.

3 thoughts on “exercise. i suck at it.

  1. Are you willing to admit that this whole post was solely so you could use the word discombobulated? Admitting you have a problem is half the cure.

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