embracing uncertainty

Yesterday, I gave notice to my dayjob. Farewell to the baby mines for me! In four weeks, I shall be walking out of their doors, never to return. No more semen samples, no more discussions with patients about the consistency of their menstrual flow, no more explaining the convoluted process of the Medicare Safety Net and how it works (or fails to work) with our invoicing system, no more chasing people for money… Well, actually, four more weeks of it first, but then…!

Much as I would like to turn to writing full-time, my writing income (which term I use very loosely, meaning not income so much as lack thereof) is not quite up to that. Instead, I will have a couple of months away from work, after which I will be moving cities and starting a new dayjob.

It is not a particularly good economic climate in which to have a break between paying jobs, and I am not a personality type which copes well with uncertain, vague, or rapidly changing circumstances… but I'm doing it anyway. And I'm looking forward to it.

So, here's to following your heart random whimsical impulses…

11 thoughts on “embracing uncertainty

  1. Melbourne!!!! Eeeeeeeee!!!!
    Welcome welcome welcome!
    I'm here if you want any local info or friendship :}

  2. Thank you! I shall be picking your brains on everything imaginable, don't you worry! And I shall most definitely catch up with you in person when we live closer ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ooh, good on you! Melbourne has so many cool things to offer. That Centre for Writing & Ideas at the State Library, for one.

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