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I'm back! Did you miss me?

It's been a strange and (sadly, for the sake of my deadlines) largely but not entirely unproductive little while. Here, have a quick, incoherent, and utterly non-linear recap:

I met a girl by the name of Emma, and discussed with her the wondrous situation she enjoyed of being ungoogleable.1 I then spent the rest of that evening marvelling at Emma's inattentiveness when — after listening to her mobile phone ring, to ensure she had given out her number correctly — we received a call from none other than Emma, opening with the phrase… "Hey, I just had a missed call from this number. Who is this? Oh! You! Yeah, did you need something…? Then why did you call…?"

I often found myself in front of awesome trees. Seriously. Look.

this tree is totally made of win
this tree is totally made of win

I found myself captivated by a ute bearing the sticker "UTERUS"2 and spent probably far too much time trying to work out just what, exactly, the ute's owner was trying to convey with this epic fail of a pun.

This snippet of footpath graffiti also captured my attention.

it's the singular but glaring grammatical issue which intrigues me
it's the singular but glaring grammatical issue which intrigues me

I walked into a bookstore with a $20 voucher, and walked out with $80 of books. I wanted to walk out with $140 of books, but restrained myself. The mathematically canny will already have worked out that the actual amount I should have paid is $60. In actual fact, owing to the fact that the gift voucher in question was apparently rare as hen's teeth, processed differently in different stores, crashed the system once, and accidentally cancelled once, I may have paid $20, $40, $60, or any combination thereof. We'll see when the credit card statement arrives, I suppose.

  1. To truly understand this, you'd need to know her surname, which I shan't share with you because imagine my horror if I suddenly made her googleable? It would be a travesty! It wouldn't happen, because that is the magic of her surname, but you'll just have to trust me on this one. []
  2. I did take a photo, but I won't inflict it on you as the bumper sticker was too grainy, owing to the fact that I was driving at the time and couldn't spare a great deal of finesse for the fine art of photography. Oh yeah, photographing while driving. I live on the edge. You know it. []

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  1. I've seen a UTERUS numberplate around Melbourne too. I'm guessing the driver didn't see utes 'r us as being read another way…

    Icon <3!

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