i can see a lot of life in you

My immune system is at war, and it appears to be a protracted siege rather than a single onslaught. I was ill on Friday, fine yesterday, and ill again today. This is not my idea of a rollicking good time, let me tell you that much! While ill today, I managed to watch Peter Jackson's King Kong (which, no, I hadn't seen before now) and I will say this much of the movie: was it, in actual fact, seven millennia long? I think dinosaurs evolved, rampaged and died during the screening of that movie. Granted, the illness may have been screwing with my timesense, but even so. EVEN SO.


I discovered this awesome photo through Stephen Fry's twitterstream. Which reminds me, my cousin took a couple of humdinger photos while she was over in Africa; must see if she'll let me post them on the blog.

I dropped by Elizabeth Bear's blog this morning, for the first time in ages, to discover this post on outrage and cynicism.

Telling people who are outraged that their naivete is mockable is the moral equivalent of telling a teenager with a desire to become an artist that they're better off getting a secretarial job than trying for a scholarship, and they should plan for disappointment. Of course they're going to be disappointed. Life is about disappointment.

Living life well is also about doing something about that disappointment. And trying to stop people from making the world better makes us into people who suck.


And now, since I am feeling betterer enough to blog, it's time to try and get some work done on the novel.

4 thoughts on “i can see a lot of life in you

  1. Is it possible to catch your illness via text (or email)? My tummy is hurties and I don't wanna be at work! Waaaaa!

  2. Oh yes, it is most definitely possible. I am sure viruses are figuring out how to transmit themselves electronically. It's something to do with quantum spin, methinks 😉

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