could it be…?

October has come along and plumped itself on the couch and has been watching TV solidly for days, and where is the cover art I promised you, you might be wondering?

The answer is: I don't yet have the green light to post it.

However, if you were so inclined, you could wander over to the galleries of the fantabulous Les Petersen, where you would find a picture titled Shadow Queen which, yes, would be the artwork forming the basis of the cover. In fact, this way, you get to see the artwork without all those distracting things like names and titles 😉

I have spent today launching a retaliative catch-up strike on the novel, and at last feel like I'm making some headway. Here's hoping it continues apace, and I don't get stuck again!

3 thoughts on “could it be…?

  1. I have looked accordingly and wow, you're in good company there – a lot of covers I recognise. 🙂 I like that your heroine has her fists clenched.

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