colour me boggled

Google Alerts had a lovely surprise for me this morning: Infinitas is listing my novel as available for pre-order!

Of course I couldn't resist a quick search of the other Australian bookstores, which turned up a pre-order page on the Dymocks site, and a pre-order page on Booktopia as well.1

I would like to claim I have been calm and unaffected by this news, but I would be lying like a lying thing.

In other news, don't be alarmed if the blog lapses into quietness for the next little while. I have a friend visiting this weekend, and then I am hieing myself out of town for a week in an attempt to get some serious writing done.

See you on the other side!

  1. ETA: The Booktopia page appears to have vanished, for reasons unknown. Oh well. []

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  1. 'Description:
    Stunning writing and a terrific main character are just two of the attractions of this brilliant debut fantasy novel.'

    That's you!!!

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