and we're back

If you were thinking I'd been awfully quiet over the past couple of days, that would be because my webhost was experiencing technical difficulties, otherwise known as HOLY CRAP WE DESTROYED THE INTERNET. (Or at least the bit where your website lives. Give us a sec…)

They did not use those exact words, but I think we can all agree they probably should have.

Of course I had lots of brilliant ideas for blog posts while I couldn't blog them, and now I have forgotten them all. This does seem a tragedy. Since the webhost had to do some serious restoring from backup, it is also possible some parts of the website have been borked. Please to be letting me know if you find any.

I definitely remembering finding the Stuck In Customs blog via StumbleUpon,1 and have been oohing over the pretty pictures ever since. Technically I stumbled upon the Iceland tag, which immediately started me thinking about whether I should move to Iceland, but the whole thing is brilliant.

  1. if you're curious, you can gander through scribblefly's stumbleupon for more whimsy that took my fancy []

9 thoughts on “and we're back

  1. Totally! The problem with my travel list is that it's just too damn long. And every country I travel to just gets added to the revisit list, so it never gets shorter, just longer!

    This, however, seems a good problem to have.

  2. I'm waiting for that glorious day when it wont cost me a years pay to go tramp through Europe. Which will be nevah. Meh. Stupid Europe. Stupid being on the other side of the world.

  3. Pretty much nevah. I remember the day I flew out of Australia to go tramp through Europe, the Aussie dollar hit US$0.49 and showed no signs of stopping its fall. Let's say Europe was very, very expensive, which was why I found myself in the central/eastern belt like Hungary, Czech, Poland, and then up into Russia, where even the aussie dollar was worth something. The UK, however, was totally out of the question!

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