we're living with the lost and found

Today featured a walk to the local park, where we did not find koalas, but we did find roosters. Very well-fed glossy roosters who declined to spend any time eating our bread. We also found the playground infested with other people's children, which was mostly okay except for the little girl who kept telling us to "Go away!" Luckily, Brutus, despite being half her age, was larger than her and had stronger pushing power and sorted her out quickly enough.

So, because I clearly have too much time on my hands it made such a good distraction, lolchildren.

This was the steepest kid's slippery dip I have ever seen. It was nearly vertical.

I wish I was joking about this, but we really did spend most of the visit to the park taking tanbark out of Brutus' mouth. Apparently it is tasty.

In writing news, I have only 30 pages left of proofs…before I get to go through and work on the pages I've tagged as requiring multiple-page fixes.

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