the road holds great danger

The coloured tags mark out the pages which were too tricksome to fix on the first pass. Tricksome could mean the fix involved multiple pages, or finding a more elegant phrase which refused to come to mind at the time, or even that the fix simply required more from me than inserting a missed comma and thus was more than my sleep-deprived brain could handle that particular night. In other words, some will not actually be tricksome. Here's to hoping the latter form the majority of the fixes remaining!

But I do not think I will be working on the manuscript today. For today I came home to a smashed pane on the front door, and a ransacked house.

So far as I can see, they've only taken my jewellery, some loose cash, my old iPod, my chargers (ipod, mobile phone, and digital camera — I'll miss those until I can replace them!), and my backpack to carry it all out in. The jewellery is a blow, not because it was worth all that much but because of the sentimental value: every piece I had was a gift from someone precious to me. I'm somewhat astonished that they didn't take the laptop, which was sitting in plain view, or the LCD monitor of the desktop. It's possible, however, that I surprised them and they were still in the house when I came home — which is not a particularly pleasant thought.

I have spent the afternoon cleaning up after their mess, and the police forensic fellow's dust, and tonight I plan to enjoy a hot shower and some TV watching. Preferably involving crims getting their comeuppance.

Max thought the forensic police officer had placed all that lovely dust on the table in the sunshine just for him to loll about in. Helpful critter.

6 thoughts on “the road holds great danger

  1. Well that totally sucks. I'm surprised the policeman dusted for prints – both times I've ever been broken into, they didn't bother.

    I hope you get some of it back, or even better – that they catch the person(s) quick and get it all.

  2. Ugh, that's horrible.
    I bought Jaffa cakes today on your completely accurate however-have-I-lived-before-this-? recommendation and I wish I could offer you one right now. :-/

  3. Jan – I was surprised, too. I was also surprised by how considerate the forensic fellow was – he took all the stuff outside to dust it for prints.

    Rachel – huzzah! another convert to the way of the jaffa cake! They're good aren't they!

  4. *pets Max*

    Sophie was terrified when Mum and Dad were burgled. She wouldn't come out from under the bed for ages. Glad Max chilled out pretty fast.

  5. oh that is shit. it's not a nice feeling, more about the violation of space than anything else. somewhere along the line, though, it will catch up with whoever did it. behaviour like that doesn't get you very far, ultimately.

    hope you manage to restore order on the material and psychic planes.

  6. Tess – I actually suspect Max didn't even see the burglar, as he was outside when I left the house, and was so chilled and relaxed about all the comings and goings later in the day. The girl cat, on the other hand, was very traumatised. Poor girl cat.

    Andrew – yes, exactly. Apart from the convenience and the sentimental attachments to some things, what's missing is just, in the end, stuff. But the breaking and entering and ransacking part is unsettling. The newspaper this morning is reporting a whole spate of these sorts of robberies in an adjoining suburb in August, so here's hoping the police are building up a very comprehensive picture of the twerp.

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