if i had a tardis, i would've written it by now

Belated apologies for my silence over the past couple of days. Somehow (it might, I dunno, just maybe, have something to do with the increased connection speed I am currently enjoying) I managed to exceed my internet plan's quota, which means every extra byte is costing ludicrous amounts of money. Oops.

You might think that having no internet would allow me to be more productive, but alas, you would be wrong. Procrastination always finds a way. I did manage to mail the Shadow Queen proofs back to the publisher, which has left my desk startlingly clear. Seriously. Two stacks of paper each 400 odd pages deep takes up a lot of room. I'd forgotten the top of my desk was that colour.

With the proofs gone, I'm now free to start concentrating on the revisions to the sequel, which have been languishing unloved and unattended for far too long. And by "far too long", I naturally mean "this book was due in June 08".


On the upside, I am promised sunshine and lots of it today, so I think I shall enjoy the benefits of laptop ownership (can you believe the burglar missed the laptop?!) and work outside. Huzzah!