He says when you gonna make up your mind

Turns out, everyone has a burglary story. They've been entertaining (for values of entertaining = horrifying) me all week with them. At least our burglar did not decide to pour the contents of the fridge over all the clothing and electrical equipment he didn't bother to take with him, as happened to one of my colleagues.

Strange what you find yourself grateful for.

Anyrate, on a more cheerful topic: Remember Lily?

She's grown in the two weeks since I last saw her. Lookit — she's now taller than a drinking cup!

And another picture, because I couldn't resist the cuteness of that little face.

11 thoughts on “He says when you gonna make up your mind

  1. And I thank you wholeheartedly for your restraint. It's like the cancer thing: often, not so helpful as the teller might wish to imagine.

    There's another photo of the puppy I wanted to post, but it came out too dark – she's eating a lamb shank, and both the bone and the dinner plate she and the bone are standing on are bigger than her.

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