cause the dark is everywhere and penny doesn’t seem to care

This morning, after owning an iPod for I've lost count of the years, I finally broke and did the unthinkable: I purchased a song direct from iTunes.

I have nothing against purchasing songs from iTunes, or purchasing an electronic copy from anywhere for that matter — it's just that I prefer to have a CD on hand, so I usually buy a hardcopy of my music.

There is no hardcopy of the Dr Horrible soundtrack, however. But there is an electronic copy. Cue the end of the world as signified by Deb actually changing a habit.

(Mind you, not really sure why it costs US$9.99 and yet AU$16.99 — the exchange rate wasn't that poor last time I looked. Still, you gotta pony up the dough for the stuff you like, otherwise it doesn't continue getting made.)

Now I am in fact singing along (despite the fact that I have not seen the videos (unbuffered video streaming, on dial-up? just poke out your eye with a screwdriver now — it'll be quicker and a whole lot less frustrating)), which is making the proofreading a whole lot boppier.

Although I am slightly worried that the phrase with my freeze ray might accidentally sneak its way into the novel.

4 thoughts on “cause the dark is everywhere and penny doesn’t seem to care

  1. So you missed out? I figured that might be the case. : (

    Although it's probably a good thing, because I still have a lot of trouble not saying "the hammer is my penis" in public, and that probably WILL worm its way into a story.

  2. Jan – thankyou! found those earlier today. always helps with the singing along part.

    Tessa – yes, I missed out. It is the cause of much sadness. Although I am rather more saddened that I have not heard you use that phrase before!

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