who said that every wish would be heard and answered?

This writing caper would be a whole lot easier if my process was linear, and I knew all the character's motivations and plot events and whatnot before writing the book. Instead, here I am, floundering in the shallows of the revisions, and I still don't entirely know what is motivating two of the characters. Two fairly substantial characters. How did I make it all the way through the alpha and beta drafts without knowing what they were up to? It's a mystery to me. I have spent a goodly portion of the afternoon pondering and musing and brainstorming, but so far to little avail. Blergh.

4 thoughts on “who said that every wish would be heard and answered?

  1. Achim, and Amalia. Well, I have their motivations sort of sketched out, but I need to put them both on the page a bit more, and figure out what they're doing when they're off-screen. They are neither of them behaving.

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