there is vanishingly little point to this story

I have a weakness: computer games. No, not those computer games, where the world is meticulously constructed and the storylines evolve and devolve and extend for decades. The ones I cannot resist are those little junky ones, with cruddy graphics and a very simple, repetitive premise. In fact, the more repetitive the better. Maybe it's like meditation? I don't know. What I know is, if you sit me down in front of a game where I have to run around beating blobs in my quest to collect chips, or come up with anagrams against the clock, or match three or more jewels in a row to get a pretty explosion, I am utterly transfixed. It's like crack. I actually think I would go without food.

Last night, while exploring the iPhone, I came across some little junket game. The premise was that you tilted the phone this way and that to direct a spherical (smiling — they're always ludicrously happy)1 bee through some kind of flower-filled maze… Two seconds in, and I was considering going without food to keep playing. Luckily, it was cold enough, and the lure of a hot cup of tea was tempting enough to pull me away, thereby narrowly averting a future of starving to death while giggling madly as I tilt the phone up, down, back and forth and mutter Just one last flower….

  1. My brother had a game on his phone or ipod once, which involved sheep. I'm not entirely sure what the sheep was supposed to be doing, but I do remember if you steered the little black sheep near other little sheep, he got a little…er…randy. See? Ludicrously happy. []

4 thoughts on “there is vanishingly little point to this story

  1. I know what you mean; I love Halo and WoW and all the rest, and have a healthy working relationship with them…but Tetris. Fuck, man, that's like crack. Anything even remotely like Tetris that involves lining shit up, and that's it. Gone.

    That game, though, makes me what an iPhone.

  2. tetris! yes! i am capable of playing tetris so long that when i try to drift off to sleep that night, i am visualising little falling blocks and fitting them together every time i close my eyes. cannot lead to restful sleep.

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