oh call my name. you know my name.

I hafta say, the number of people who oppose or fear or distrust the toe sock is a little worrying to me.

If I owned more than the single pair of toe socks, I would wear them every day for weeks and months on end, and treat you all to photographs every day, in the interests of teaching you not to fear, or at the very least wearing you down into submission. Sadly, I only have the one pair, and photos of them are going to get same-ish mighty quick. So you are all off the hook. For now.

I've been doing my best, as per my previous plan, to work on several projects at once. Originally I thought this would only encompass the gamma draft of the sequel to Shadow Queen and the alpha draft of the faerie novel. Life intervened, however, and I added an outline and blurb for a paranormal short(ish) story and the proofs for Shadow Queen to that. Hafta say, this multi-tasking is breaking my brain. Don't quite know how grown-up writers manage it.

I'm also not entirely sure how helpful I'm going to be to my publisher in proofreading Shadow Queen at this point, since I appear to be reading what has been hammered into my head by previous drafts, rather than what is actually on the page.

6 thoughts on “oh call my name. you know my name.

  1. I know that feeling from editing… by the time you get to proofing stage you've lost half your ability to read properly because you've read it too many times… which is where proofreaders come in handy!

  2. Absolutely. Thank all the gods for the professional proofreader/s who will be reading my manuscript and catching what I miss, because if it was just up to me now I'd be royally screwed! 😉

  3. i liked the socks. they have inspired me. maybe not toe socks, but rainbow colours for sure.

  4. yesyes, the rainbow stripes are an integral part of the cheer of those particular socks.

    tessa – i am boggled by your experience – i find my toes stay warmer in the toe sock, not colder.

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