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my family. i get my insanity from somewhere, after all.

Some years ago, my brother (who does 3D imaging and computer modelling, among other things) was applying for a job, and needed some samples of his work on the web for potential employers to view, so I set up a subdomain off my website for him to use.

Yesterday, in cleaning out my hard drive, I found the subdomain and wondered if he was still using it, so flung him a quick email to check.

His answer?

i would like to expand the subdomain in a hostile takeover bid.

The subdomain has become the superdomain. Owner of all domains.

if you could just go ahead and clear all your hard drive of anything not relating to me that would be good.

i would also like the space quest series of games installed.

For those of you keeping score at home, yes, this is the same brother who wrote the ransom note from the ants.

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