lower the curtain down on memphis

Yesterday, as I am wont to do every couple of months, I realised I had yet again left my contact lenses in far longer than the recommended 30 days, and that might be why my eyes were feeling exceedingly scratchy in the mornings. Thus, once more, I am giving my eyes a rest from the glad wrap and viewing the world through glasses.

Totally different experience. I have no peripheral vision, I'm still not quite used to the slight warping of my depth perception, and I keep forgetting that I can't see properly without these danged things hanging off my face and squinting at the blurry world wondering if perhaps it needs fine-tuning, like an old TV that continually drifts off its station.

The worst thing about glasses is that you need to be wearing your glasses in order to find where you put them down.

And they're really annoying in the rain.

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