i coulda been someone…

Today, I was supposed to meet a friend and traipse through a local reserve (which, despite the fact that the track leads past a sewage treatment station, really is quite a nice walk — and hey, I was an engineer, sewage treatment stations are kinda interesting, if you ask me). The world, however, has other ideas, and is sending down sheets upon sheets of rain. Much as I like jumping in puddles and trekking through mud, I am just not feeling that stoic today.

So instead I shall stay at home, with my proofs and my drafts and my books. Because, oh yes, I had an appointment at the dentist this week. The dentist, you see, is situated near the central library. And the library is a dirty enabler, always pushing new books at me, whispering that I'm perfectly capable of reading seven books while labouring under so many deadlines I've stopped counting because it's getting counter-productive.

So while I'm amusing myself with reading writing, here, have a couple of things that have amused me over the past couple of days:


Well, okay, this one amused me months ago. But it amuses me still, so it counts. I think Mozilla should seriously consider using this graphic in their restore session prompt. It would make me ever so much happier.


How cute is Firefox?!

And this, I have been humming this for days.

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