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the lies you tell in liverpool will follow you to spain

The proofs for Shadow Queen arrived a couple of days ago. While it's still an unbound slab of A4 sheaves of paper, it now has purty fonts and layout. In other words, this thing is beginning to look suspiciously like one of those critters you find on the shelves in bookstores.

I'm so new at all of this that I had to ask my editor what I was supposed to be doing this time with the stack of pretty paper. Looking for typos and stupidities I introduced while attempting to fix previous stupidities, it turns out. Which is actually pretty good timing, because reading through the first book now will help me notice inconsistencies as I attempt to conjure up a coherent gamma draft of the sequel. Or that's the plan. No plan survives first contact, though.

Also: I am wearing my toe socks today. Toe socks are made of awesome.

11 thoughts on “the lies you tell in liverpool will follow you to spain

  1. LOL. I am going to forgive the slight to my oh-so-pretty toe socks because the proofs really are prettier. Just this once 😉

  2. Toe socks don't make sense! For toes to be warm they need to snuggle and work together to warm the air of one sock, not be all alone in toe pockets.

    Woo! The book's getting all growed up!

  3. The proofs are pretty, but I gotta be honest…
    The toe socks kind of creep me out. They're like little ghost-toes, or something like that.

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