where's your dunkirk spirit?

The copyedits slog on, and the further I wade in, the more notes I leave myself of the "yeah, come back and fix this, definitely" nature. This is the part of the process where I start to despair because I seem to be making more notes to self than I'm fixing. The mindset is entirely untrue and entirely transitory, of course. The only cure is to keep on keeping on, until the manuscript is finished. Such is (this) writer's life.

Today, just to prove that parking yourself in front of a computer for hours on end can be a dangerous and tricky affair, I discovered a tick biting me. A tick! This is because the cat, now he's all grown up and thinks he's smart enough, insists on venturing outside on a daily basis. Which would be fine, except he likes to visit the enormous snarl of obviously tick-infested lantana choking the gully behind the house.

I have also, of late, been experimenting with that most infamous of social network sites, facebook. Is it the most evil site ever created, or not? All these websites with "friends" networks, people who are allowed in and people who are not, irrelevant snippets of information about what your "friends" have recently been doing in terms of what applications they've added or what utterly illogical quizzes they've taken, trivialising social interaction.

Or maybe that's just me.

Don't mind me if I go a little silent over the next couple of days: it's my weekend, and I want to fix words while the dayjob is out of mind.

5 thoughts on “where's your dunkirk spirit?

  1. I had to join Facebook for a library staff project. I haven't looked at it since. I've been using the Internet long enough to detect vast time-sucking emptinesses without having to be sucked into them…

    But to those who enjoy the Facebook experience, I say "good for them"

  2. Oh, and a tick!? eww! I hope you got rid of it without much grossness. 😕

  3. Yea verily to the time-suckage. I ended up joining because I have a handful of friends who use it religiously and it was the easiest way for me to keep in touch with them, but I'm increasingly uncertain it's worth the pain…! Having said that, to be fair, it did put me in touch with a friend I met in Russia who I'd since lost touch with, thanks to a PC virus and a couple of email changes on both sides. The electronic world is an impermanent one…

    As for the tick, I've grown quite adept at pulling the little bloodsuckers out, so not too much drama. These ones at least aren't the size of marbles, like the ticks I used to have to pull off my horse's hide. Now that was gross!

  4. Hmmm I think myspace is actually and technically the eeevilest social networking site with Facebook ranging a close second. Facebook doesn't (yet) have enough eye candy to attract all the kiddies—though, it's coming , it's coming.

  5. Ah, good point, I had forgotten myspace, which definitely gives me the irrits, with all its clutter and irrelevance. I have successfully resisted all temptation to join myspace. I would have resisted facebook, too, were it not for several friends who use it and next to nothing else for communication. When in Rome…

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