we got married in a fever

It is entirely possible I spent most of today tucked up in front of the TV, mainlining episodes of Season Four of New Who. What you must understand, however, is that this was medically imperative. There comes a time in a girl's life, such as when she's finished a round of copyedits (just, you know, for example), when mainlining episodes of New Who is the only cure.

Sadly, I only have the first nine episodes of the season to hand, so I am left in the rather awkward and jittery position of being abandoned sans climax. (Er…yes. Well. Ahem.)

I am, however, feeling markedly removed from my own storylines and the all-too-familiar circle of thoughts which has been keeping me company of late, so that is all to the good.

2 thoughts on “we got married in a fever

  1. Well, I just watched the finale and am feeling rather weepy. Aaack!

    (is it a tease if I tell you the last 4 eps have some of the best writing davies has done for the show? esp. ep.10)

  2. Yes, it is a tease – especially since I don't know when I'll get a chance to badger my brother-what-has-broadband and so will probably have to wait for the free-to-air episodes to watch the ending. Boo! That's thirteen weeks away!

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