Today I saw the following sign at the train station:

Try the new 14 Day RailPass. It's like the 7 Day RailPass, but lasts twice as long.

No shit, Sherlock.

I examined the other commuters, wondering if they were as idiotic as the advertising implied. Surely they did not need such a simple concept explained to them in four-foot letters. They didn't look particularly stupid, although I have to admit, none of them gaped at the sign and choked on their own amusement and dismay at the human race the way I did. Maybe they'd seen it before. Was it then the advertisers, either RailCorp or the marketing specialists, who assumed the commuters truly were that phenomenally stupid?

Either way, I am left bemused and befuddled and a little bit more jaded.

Today, I arrived home to an email from my editor, telling me the copyedit would be returning back to me for a second pass, a final pass, early next week. (Because what I'd been calling the copyedit, prior to this, was in fact some other edit, let's call it a structural edit. Rookie mistake.) I clicked quickly past that email, only to arrive at another telling me the copyedit was in fact returning tomorrow.

I am very, very, stupidly, enthusiastically and ludicrously excited to see this book published — but at the same time, I am near to exhaustion at the thought of trawling through this sucker AGAIN.

You will know when your novel is finished. You will feel like throwing up whenever you look at it.James Frey, "How To Write a Damn Good Novel"

Substitute "think of" for "look at" and that's pretty much spot on.

Still, this is a very exciting part of the process — this is the part where I get to write STET! over the manuscript. I've never STETted before.

I am looking forward to that part 😉