the mind is full of razors

83 and a bit pages down, 329 and a bit pages to go. The mathematically-inclined among you will note I am already behind on my 50-a-day metric, but I'm not too worried (yet), as I'm pretty sure I can catch up. That's the plan for tomorrow, actually: finish catching up. I'm not at the dayjob tomorrow, so it should be manageable.

So far, the copyedit, although thorough, is nowhere near as tricksome as the structural edit was. Mind you, I've been skipping the big-fix stuff for later, when I've fixed all the small stuff, so it's possible I might change my mind on that issue in a few days' time.

There has been STETting. It's kinda fun. Writers is nuts, truly.

It's strange what you learn when someone with an eagle eye goes over your manuscript. Today I learnt that I apparently have no preference as to whether I spell it "dispatch" or "despatch" but happily bounce back and forth between the two.

I've also decided it is much, much nicer to edit on paper rather than on screen.