take this sinking boat and point it home

Successfully caught up, and am now ahead of target by 14 pages. Not as much as I'd hoped, but I am sluggish due to oxygen deprivation today, what with fighting off a lurgy. I have taken to drinking Benadryl by the tablespoon, not that it helps much.

Today I learnt that I have been spelling carcass wrong, probably all my life. Apparently the British spelling, and therefore the version I as an Australian should use, is carcase. News to me.

In other news, hearts are tricksome things, and not to be trusted. That is all.

6 thoughts on “take this sinking boat and point it home

  1. The good news is that my heart, despite being far too soft for its own good, is fine. Or it will be 🙂

    And I agree re carcase/carcass, I can't help reading the former as some kind of car-sized briefcase. Which, you know, is very cool and all, but not quite the image I was aiming for.

  2. Wow. If we're all spelling it 'carcass', does that mean Australia has adopted its own usage again? Silly Australians, thinking they can have their own dialect!

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