more doctor? more?

Spawn sat through the entire episode of Doctor Who last night (well, she did once she'd finally settled the beanbag to her satisfaction, a twenty-minute process which involved a great deal of manoeuvring and at one point landed her with her back to the television and a puzzled expression on her face) and, when the credits started rolling, she looked up and asked "More? More Doctor?"

Ah, a girl after my own heart.

In actual book-related news, we have a title!

The book previously known as Bound is now Shadow Queen.

The series itself (there are currently two books in the series, with plans for a third) is still lacking a title, but that will be finalised sooner rather than later, since Allen & Unwin are still planning a January '09 release.

January! It's still a somewhat boggling concept.

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  1. Isn't it! My editor was talking about having reading copies ready by September, and all of a sudden just how close January really is!

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