just a small town girl

The copyedit (no, really this time) has landed. Oof. Not having had a novel published before, I have no scale against which to gauge the copyeditor's report, but let's just say that when my editor kept repeating the copyeditor had been "very thorough", she wasn't lying. If there's a continuity issue or inconsistency my copyeditor missed, I'll be very, very surprised.

Which is all to the good because, as my Clarion class can attest, my stories are built upon continuity errors and inconsistencies, most often to their detriment. It's a feature, I tell you!

So far all I've done tonight is calculate that I'll need to get through about 50 pages a day in order to knock this over before the latest-possible deadline. That will give me a couple of days spare at the end to tackle any bigger issues, and a couple of days to get the manuscript back via the post (which, you guessed it, arrived today, two days after it was sent, despite the "overnight" guarantee — methinks postal service providers in Australia never were all that good at maths).

Guess I'd better get started, eh?

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  1. Ooh, a challenge, but a good one. You can do it! (and Australia Post can't. Overnight service, my left foot!)

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